SharePoint & EPM

Designing and Building your SharePoint and Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

SharePoint & EPM:

SharePoint is one of the greatest in demand technologies of the past decade and as a collaboration platform, it provides solutions to any business driver. At TEDI, we perform ground up support for aligning your collaboration, communication, and business process methods with the flexibility of SharePoint. We simplify the process by translating your daily operations into the platform whether this requires configuration, .NET development, evangelism, or third party tool integration. There is no limit to what we can perform in Microsoft SharePoint and related EPM technologies.

Utilizing our Combined Lifecycle Model (CLM), TEDI approaches complex IT challenges with a structured step by step strategy for .NET, infrastructure, or ALM solution.

SharePoint & EPM Services

SharePoint is a collection of applications that come together as a collaboration platform. Its design is to fit any business issue or need to collaborate. This may include a collection of processes, metric capture, collaboration, or calculative process or anything that requires the use of collaborating with customers or staff. Whether you are government, a business, or the military, SharePoint has already provided solutions to members of your community. At TEDI, we drive your business needs home to align your process with most effective methods within the SharePoint platform. We increase adoption and create solutions that make your time and investments more efficient. Our goal is to go beyond just providing a SharePoint site or customization but create a business solution that helps drive away your pain points. Your desire into identifying a collaboration tool is because you or your organization has experienced pain points (bottlenecks) and are searching for ways to increase productivity and collaboration. SharePoint can do this and TEDI can help.

SharePoint Proficiency

  • Design Simple or Complex SharePoint Environments 100%
  • Custom .NET Development 100%
  • User Profiles 100%
  • Complex Workflows & Business Solutions 100%
  • Increasing Utilization & Adoption 100%

EPM Integration

  • Project Server Integration 100%
  • Team Foundation Server Integration 100%
  • Salesforce Integration 100%
  • Third Part Tool Integration (e.g. Metalogix) 100%

SharePoint Services Explained

SharePoint Design

TEDI offers ground up support for the design, creation, implementation, and maintenance of a SharePoint instance. Our teams have spent much of their careers helping customers get the most out of their SharePoint instances and can do the same for any organization or business type. The design of a SharePoint environment focuses on the organization, its business processes, and the day to day operational requirements that drive success for that business. TEDI can perform any simple or complex customization whether configuration or .NET development. We have created numerous front end enhancements with Javascript, C# external data connections, PowerShell automation and more. Our design capabilities are limitless and will adjust to the business drivers supporting your organization. All of which is utilizing our CLM to produce a step by step approach in achieving desired milestones. This works hand in hand with translating your process into a scalable IT solution with SharePoint and its related EPM products.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Integration

EPM is defined by Wikipedia as a way of thinking, communicating and working, supported by an information system that organizes enterprise’s resources in a direct relationship to the leadership’s vision and the mission, strategy, goals and objectives that move the organization forward. Simply put, EPM provides a 360 degree view of the organization’s collective efforts. Leveraging Microsoft’s Project Server, TEDI is able to assist in completing that milestone by leveraging the functionality of SharePoint and Microsoft Project. SharePoint itself has many components that enforce EPM practices but adding Project Server completes that initiative.

Essentially, EPM is a method where the technology can quantify progress and supports project drill down into their progress or drill up into their impact. By calculating essential metrics like resource allocation, costs, project timelines, constraints and other business calculations we can paint a picture of an organization’s operational efficiency and identify bottlenecks. EPM is a very potent tool for large organizations and TEDI can help create EPM tools with both SharePoint and Project Server.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Integration

Integration of your ALM process and SharePoint provides significant collaboration benefits for small or large teams. TEDI has performed many integrations between Team Foundation Server and SharePoint as well as other ALM tools integrating with SharePoint. As part of your aligning your process and streamlining your development shops, TEDI can assist you in achieving your development requirements. Our ambition is to reinforce your process through the use of collaborative technologies like SharePoint and TFS.

Third Party Product Integration

There are various third party tools on the market ranging from organizations such as Metalogix to Bamboo solutions. Over our tenure operating with many clients using SharePoint and SharePoint Products, TEDI has become very familiar using and integrating these tools. Whether migration support applications to end user enhancements, the market for Third Party tools is significant and can greatly improve end user experience. TEDI is fully capable and knowledgeable in the deployment of any third party tool that will enhance the process of the organization or team.

Custom Solutions

One of the largest demands in the SharePoint and Microsoft community is the ability to create custom solutions. A custom solution can be defined as any advanced configuration or .NET application that enhances the use of SharePoint or any of its related products. TEDI has performed countless custom solutions for numerous clients both federal and commercial. Our solutions have ranged anywhere from automating deployments in Team Foundation Server to custom access credentials and security tokens with ADFS. We’ve created end user enhancements such as web page design, improved functionality for User Profiles, and performed backend development for SQL Server Reports and metrics. There is no limit to our capability. If the business process demands a specific need, TEDI can meet that demand through diligence and utilization of our Combined Lifecycle Model (CLM).