Alamo R1

When Conventional Network Defense Tools Are Not Enough

The Last Line of Defense

Our comprehensive security tool provides organizations and network administrators a last line of defense. Unlike other network security applications, Alamo R1 defends a network and can adapt to methods employed by attackers through a series of preemptive and proactive methods. When the final stand for critical data that cannot under any circumstance be gathered or collected by potential hackers, Alamo R1 will toe the line in protecting your critical information.

Alamo Design Overview 

Whether a US Government Agency or a business venture, Alamo R1 offers a comprehensive security suite to protect data when the value of that information is essential for the success of the organization. In recent years we’ve seen a flurry of blackhat penetrations of large businesses that devastate personal identifying information (e.g. Target), US national security, and financial institutions (e.g. BitCoin). Its understood that within the IT industry, data security is one of the most challenging components and a constant battle of cat and mouse. Alamo R1 actively monitors network traffic to identify unusual behavior from port scanning, privilege escalation, and other behaviors to identify a possible attack. The preemptive functionality of honeypots and grayware operate as land mines for potential hackers. Its proactive capabilities direct hackers to locations to isolate, control, and capture while simultaneously locking down mission critical data sources.

Added Value Analysis (Alamo R1)

Security Reports and Network Mapping

Alamo R1 comes with out of box reporting features to produce security reports to identify key components of your network architecture. The report is designed to help configuration engineers identify key indicators that will address how the tool can be configured for specific scenarios including hardware components (e.g. Cisco IPS), networking architecture (e.g. NMAP), software loaded on the network (e.g. SharePoint), and more. These security reports are an essential assessment tool to the complexity and needs of your network during blackhat penetration.

  • Security Report Accuracy 100%

HoneyPot Defense Mechanics

  1. Virtualized honeypots are designed to mimic local environments providing a muddy conduit of fake targets that will confuse or deteriorate a hacker or team of hackers during an active blackhat engagement.
  2. These honeypots can be configured and customized to carry grayware and malware designed to track and identify the attacker.
  3. Grayware and malware can be configured to reverse hack and bypass proxies when attackers attempt to disguise penetration. This is accomplished by providing fake data designed to mimic client actual data. Once downloaded, a reverse hack provides insight on enemy targets to the location it is downloaded and accessed.
  4. Virtualized environments are constructed based on security reports generated by Alamo R1. Many environments can be produced automatically by Alamo R1 but more complex environments will require configuration by TEDI personnel.
  • HoneyPot Defense Effiency 100%

Attack Response Workflows

Alamo R1 can change network settings across a farm or network with pre-programmed workflows that can be created to isolate damage based on triggers occurring within a network during an attack. Leveraging existing IPS and IDS systems, Alamo will react based on what is occurring in the network. For example, attempts at scanning for SQL ports (1433) may open virtualized SQL environment ports to direct enemy traffic to Honeypot SQL environments.

  • Proactive Attack Response 100%

Active Use of Grayware

Our team at TEDI have designed various Grayware and Malware applications embedded in various content that will feign real content. Content is personalized to mimic real data, attracting blackhat infiltrators for possible download. The capabilities of these applications range from purely identifying blackhat locations to much more. For more information, please contact us.

  • Grayware Effectiveness 100%