Creating New Patented Technologies


One of the most exciting components to our organization are the creative measures employed by our team. Led by Daryl Sharpe, all of our products are patented or patent pending with a range of capabilities and target audiences. The products under develop range from hand gesture technology and interaction with IT systems (e.g. Windows) to defense/aerospace technology. All of which culminate to the ingenuity of our staff.

At TEDI, the methods we consult are the same we utilize at home. In the development of new technologies we carefully formulate our SCRUM software development methods with a well-organized Standard Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

To keep our staff motivated in creating new technologies, TEDI goes one step further with our ALM and SDLC. We provide percentage earnings and ownership opportunities of new technologies created by the developer. Employees are encouraged to satisfy functional requirements of new developing technologies and in doing so become partners of that technology. Those percentage points will work as potential financial reimbursement on the sale of these technologies and likewise help create a more satisfying workplace knowing we are all partners with the same ambitions and desires.

Kinnect Gesture

Operations and commands performed within the operating system can be performed through defaulted hand gestures and point to click. This allows for more expedient implementation of controls, configuration, and utilization of primary Windows features and Microsoft applications.


EBM Standard provides enterprise strategy, collaboration, and a friendly user interface in any rugged environment. Using the RECON Jet platform, first responders, police, military have access to the Enterprise Battle Network (EBN). The future of emergency response strategy,


Alamo R1 provides a last line of defense for any large network or cloud environments. During an attack, data loss and damage will be mitigated through network obfuscation, honeypots, and security workflows initiated during possible network intrusions.

The products we develop are the result of years of experience and the imagination to solve real world problems. I look around and see challenges every day that can be treated with a little time, dedication, and passion. I direct this energy into TEDI to create new technologies and help those less fortunate find ways of improving life. This is what makes us different.

Daryl Sharpe | CEO