Teaching and developing our staff and interns to be better technologists

How We Adapt and Evolve

Our greatest asset and greatest challenge as a software development company is maintaining a knowledgeable and capable staff. Software development requires a supreme technical proficiency and creativity that requires cultivation and years of experience. To keep personnel growing and provide potentially new personnel the skills needed to succeed, TEDI has organized various educational programs to keep staff interested, educated, and motivated. Technical certifications and adapting to new technologies is tantamount to the success of our staff and therefore a priority of the organization.

TEDI offers an internship program to get potentially new employees certified. Partnering with universities in the Washington DC area, we work to develop new personnel in providing a strong foundation across various technological tracks with Microsoft and networking vendors.

In addition, much of the expertise that IT professionals gain is through experience in the field. Our ALM blog and SharePoint Blog are geared to share that knowledge. Our staff are encouraged to post new entries to identify errors and issues they discover in the field and the steps they took to resolve those issues.

Blog Learning

In field operations and hands on experience are some of the best tools to educate. The SharePoint and ALM blog is a mechanism to help communicate our experiences in the field for others to use and learn from.

Technical Certifications

In our profession, certifications with technical institutions can go a long way. We promote and teach our staff and interns the skills necessary to attain technical proficiency and certifications.


In developing new talent for the future of ALM and EPM technologies, TEDI offers various options to develop your technology skills in areas including .NET development, configuration, web design and more.