Applied IT

Applying Our Knowledge to Global Communities in Need

Applied IT

Benefits of enterprise technology go beyond profit sharing and corporate returns. They can be applied to help communities around the world improve their way of life. TEDI is working together with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and West African governments with Lifestyle Improvement Tasks and Enhancements (LITEs) through economic development programs geared at sustainable farming, permaculture, and increasing Per Capita Gross Domestic Product.

Our vision is to improve infrastructure, availability of fresh foods, education, and government reform. These efforts will be performed through several key programs we are initiating in Ghana and Cote D’Iviore including

  • Sustainable farming efforts with permaculture
  • Local township involvement for the care and benefit of TEDI permaculture initiatives
  • Work programs to provide opportunities and sources of income to families
  • Infrastructure development including roads, railway development, wind turbines farms, internet broadband access and more.


Lifestyle Improvement Tasks and Enhancements (LITEs) are programs we strive to enhance the quality of life through the technology we develop. Its TEDI’s effort at a step by step approach to develop communities of West Africa.


TEDI’s employment of ecological designs that develop sustainable farming and independent agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. Our intention is to produce food sources for local communities and products for economic development with sustainable farming methods. 

Rubber Trees

Our Rubber Tree (LITE program) is one direct application of our methods. TEDI is working with local communities in Cote D’Iviore to develop sustainable farming for the production of liquid latex while also producing food stuffs through the Permaculture process.

Infrastructure Development

From electric wind turbines to broadband communication lines, TEDI foresees that large economic development originates with a tiered approach starting with profit driving agriculture. As Per Capita GDP increases, demand for basic services will likewise increase which TEDI will strive to provide.