IT Security

What Information Security practices TEDI can employ for your organization

IT Security

Information Security is a consistent battle between those who wish to keep privacy and defend essential data and those who benefit from acquiring that information. At TEDI, we strive to provide resources and solutions to organizations who need to keep their information out of the hands of those who want to profit from its illegal acquisition. Our services focused on IT Security range from developing custom security solutions or penetration testing. Utilizing our Combined Lifecycle Model (CLM), TEDI approaches the complexities of IT Security with a structured step by step strategy for any security solution that will aid in protecting our clients data.

IT Security Services

Our capabilities surrounding corporate and government data security range from providing custom .NET solutions, penetration testing, and even offensive capabilities including our Non-Attrib Environment development. TEDI has designed and implemented many IT Security solutions from full security plans, secure SharePoint sites, ADFS and custom domain access solutions, data forensics, ethical hacking and more. We work with numerous networking vendors from Cisco to Juniper and have a broad knowledge of hardware and software networking technologies.
  • Data Forensics 100%
  • Penetration Testing 100%
  • Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures 100%
  • Non-Attrib Environment Design 100%
  • Custom Solutions & Ethical Hacking Automation 100%
  • Secure SharePoint Designs 100%
  • SIPRNET & High Side Network Design 100%

IT Security Services Explained

Data Forensics

TEDI Inc performs ground up investigative reporting on network breach, loss of data, damage assessments, and data loss mitigation planning. We have worked with both corporate and federal agencies in performing various investigative efforts for a variety of needs and issues. TEDI is capable of providing a large array of resources to our clients in data forensics and investigative research.

Non-Attrib Environment Design

A particular area of high interest and capability within the TEDI organization is our formulation and development of Non-Attrib Environments. These environments are clandestine in nature and provide users the ability to perform far reaching research (e.g. Deep Web) and other capabilities. Our design below has been altered for security concerns but provides a high level depiction of our efforts in designing offensive capabilities of the network and most importantly the analytical parsing of that data. Accessing information is challenging but often the amount of data retrieved is overwhelming for human resources to sift through. Our knowledge and background in large datasets in working with SharePoint environments has given TEDI a leg up in not only providing you the power of Non-Attrib Environments but the ability for the system to provide you the intelligence that your organization requires.

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

Throughout our years of tenure performing Pen Testing and ethical hacking, our resources at TEDI have a wide range of experience performing vulnerability testing and infiltration. Our teams have a large array of conventional and unconventional methods ranging from hijacking web sessions over VPN connections to SQL injections and privilege escalation. Wwe use the latest methods in testing the security integrity of your network because much of the newest vulnerabilities are part of our profit engine and essential to much of our product designs we patent and release. Our unconventional approach to ethical hacking is as creative as our products because it has to be. In order for TEDI to stay current on developing the newest in hacking and defensive measures, we must be on the front lines of developing ambitious ideas and concepts known only to us and our US Government or corporate customers.

Custom Solutions & Ethical Hacking Automation

TEDI is on the forefront of IT Security and ethical hacking solutions. Alamo R1 is one product where our experience in the field has generated a demand that we have cultivated into a new product launch. We have designed tools for both defensive and ethical offensive purposes. Our ability in .NET and network infrastructure have given us many incredible opportunities to work with organizations bolster their security plans through automation and custom solutions. We will work in identifying your requirements and business challenges to assist in the formulation and execution of any custom solution.