Foresight Through Technology

TEDI provides custom services involving Microsoft, Linux, ALM solutions and other technological demands you use everyday.  Our mission is to provide custom software solutions to our clients and in the process use what we’ve learned to develop new technologies and improve the daily lives for those around us. At TEDI, we don’t just create software, we ‘re building into the future. 

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Microsoft Consulting

Whether helping companies more effectively use their SharePoint farms or ALM strategies with Team Foundation Server, TEDI utilizes a process called Business Process Translation (BPT). Every engagement is focused on improving our client’s day to day operations by enhancing the way organizations conduct business. BPT focuses on identifying and recording existing processes, bottlenecks, constraints, and milestones. In doing so we don’t change what you do, we make what you do more efficient.

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Product Development

In part because of the ongoing success performing complex.NET applications, TEDI has recently begun developing new technologies placing what we have learned over years into creating and patenting innovative tools.  Visit our products section to see our line of patented or patent pending projects utilizing our own ALM strategies in creating state of the art technology for private, commercial, and government institutions.

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The ALM strategy of a development shop is essential to the successful creation of new technologies and capabilities. We specialize in delivering AGILE and SCRUM methods to the dynamic needs of application development. Through technologies such as Team Foundation Server, TEDI provides both strategic and hands on guidance to meet the demands of your application lifecycle in accordance to the needs of your business drivers.

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Microsoft Solutions

Providing custom solutions to any technical or business need within the Microsoft Stack.


With extensive background in ALM and SDLC, we strive to align your process with the methods employed when developing custom .NET solutions.

Patent Pending

One of our fondest accomplishments are the creativity and ingenuity by our staff to produce new innovative technologies to bring to the market.

Going Green

We work hard in creating efficiencies in government and business through technology. Why not help those around the world develop what we take for granted? At TEDI we believe in making a difference.

SharePoint & TFS Solutions

Enterprise collaboration whether commercial or government can be complex and challenging. We simplify this through a process that has been cultivated over years’ operating in the software development industry. Likewise, it’s the same procedure we use internally to develop our patents and products. If this trusted model is used successfully for us, it can be conformed to address your needs. We take personal pride in our abilities and will work to partner these methodologies to address the challenges of your business.

  • Requirements Gathering 100%
  • On Time Delivery 100%
  • Continuity of Operations 100%

Services and Capabilities

Third Eye Development International (TEDI-Inc) divides its services among 4 pillars to support private and public institutions. These range in various services, development, and security to provide organizations the capability of implementing critical and enterprise level operations.

Enterprise Solution Consulting focuses on small, medium, or large scale deployments for ground up architecture, configuration, and customizations to SharePoint, Project Server, and Team Foundation Server platforms and other components of the Microsoft Stack.

TEDI’s Product Development pillar is geared at creating new patented technologies and .NET applications for commercial and military utilization. Our current line includes TEDI Gesture, TEDI Alamo, and TEDI EBM. All of which are currently under development with more products being considered and tested.

Our IT Security services represents another critical component to TEDI’s core capabilities. This includes competencies in providing IT security consulting such as penetration testing, network security consulting, data acquisition, and more.

Our Applied IT is the direct application of the principles for the Combined Lifecycle Model (CLM) and Business Process Translation (BPT) as utilized in our Enterprise Solution Consulting. These services are also a means to give back to the international community and assist foreign partners with producing their own efficiencies in areas such as sustainable farming, business, and infrastructure development.

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